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At GoLive Games Studios AG, we publish casual and mid-core strategy MMO and CCG games. We strive to bring together three core principles vital to mobile games: Game production, publishing & distribution, and building core engineering platforms.

Supported by dedicated advisors, our development team consists of over 35 passionate members, all of whom work to cultivate an ecosystem of game development studios, performance & brand marketers, art studios and IP owners. Over the next year, we’re proud to roll out over 50 new games.

"The founding team consists of individuals who have grown games from inception to multimillion dollar revenue generators within a year!"


Robin Hood

Jungle Book Runner

Dark Runner

Jungle Book CCG

Ultimate Cricket Champion

Dragon Rivals

Demon Escape

Peter Pan


GoLive Games has not only cultivated a vast publisher network, but has also captivated over 2 million players and a monthly active audience of over 300,000 users. We plan to release over 50 new games in the coming years. All of our games will be monetized through In-App Purchases (IAPs) and Advertising. Our goal is to expand our current audience by 10 times to over 20 million, with around 5 million monthly active users, within 6-9 months.
With more than 2 million players
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Our Roadmap

  • Acquired 15 games from 1Touch Studios LLC

  • First IP Partnership with DQE

  • Partnered with 2 Art Studios for gaming art
    Launch Jungle Book - Battle - an original Collectible Card Game

  • Launch a Runner game based on Mowgli and all the Jungle Book characters

  • Launch 8 games by end of January

  • Launch Ultimate Cricket Champion, the first Cricket based CCG in the world

  • Begin work on integrating crypto currency as part of the CCG and MMO development platform

  • Launch the first 2 co-produced CCGs

  • Launch the first CCG which accepts Crypto-currencies (ETH, BTC and Universa)

  • Launch 52 original games including 12 mid-core titles